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Computer Repairs

Fast & Reliable Computer Repairs

If your PC or Mac regularly crashes, is slow and unreliable, pass it to our computer technicians. They'll troubleshoot your computer or network, to find out what is going wrong and then perform the necessary fix required.

Solve ALL the problems

We are committed to bring your computer back to normal. Our technicians will diagnose your computer or network, finding the cause of any crashes, lock-ups, unusual slowness or other issues and repair any single issue with your PC or Mac.

Backup your data if neccessary

If there is risk of data lost during repairs, we will notify you and backup all the important data to our safe and secure drive.

We supply components

We also sell hardware and software at competitive prices, or can use components supplied by you.

No Fee if we cannot fix

If we find out that your computer cannot be fixed, we will not charge you and our technicians will suggest alternative options to solve your computer problems.

For computer repairs enquiry, please contact us now.